Colour Block

I’ve always loved colour and I am often complimented on the colour combinations I use in my furniture. For my colour block designs I use Lana from Linwood. It’s a beautiful and tactile recycled Italian wool upholstery fabric which comes in 55 beautiful colourways. I love the fact that each colour has a certain depth to it instead of being a flat colour.

When it comes to choosing colour combinations in my furniture and interior design more widely, I often advise people to stick to around three colours; about 60% of a main colour, about 30% of a secondary colour and about 10% of an accent colour. These are just rough proportions obviously.

colour choices

I’ve put together a few colour palettes to make life easier for you. These can be found by clicking the ‘Make it your own‘ button on each product page. However, if you would like something completely different but need some advice with choosing colours or combinations then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. You can send me a picture of your room, a snippet of wallpaper or an existing swatch of upholstery, I’m more than happy to help.

You can order your own fabric swatches directly from the Linwood website. That way it is possible to see and feel the Lana in your own home and next to your existing furniture.