Welcome to my gallery page which will give you an idea of just how adaptable each design is. Below you can see examples of my furniture that has been commission by customers to suit their interiors requirements. If you would like something similar please get in touch. Anything is possible!

Marlow for Jinwin

This client really liked the Marlow footstool however they wanted something slightly smaller and with storage. I therefore asked my frame maker to reduced each side by 15cm and adapt the frame to also have a lid. Together we picked out the neutral colour from the exterior for the inside and added a zingy yellow trim.

Tamara for Tahina

The brief for this design came from a client who was looking for a window seat in her beautiful London apartment. Therefore I made this bespoke version of Tamara in a larger size and with low square legs. The beautifully contrasting printed linen fabric for the lozenge shadow and interior is from Linwood’s Carnival range in Indigo.

“Absolutely love this beautiful bespoke storage bench we got from Sadie. The quality is absolutely top class and super chic. She was extremely professional and very invested throughout the whole process. The delivery was quick and hassle free!”

Tamara for Shanan

The showstopper printed velvet on the interior of this version of Tamara provides an instant ‘pop’ when you open the lid. ‘Grey with a touch of jewel colour’ was the brief for this beautiful blanket box which sits at the end of a king size bed.

“The storage bench is beautiful. Sadie helped with me on color choices, taking into account colors already in the room. We added a pop of color on the inside. Sadie was a joy to work with throughout the design process. I could not be happier! Great addition to my bedroom.”

Monique’s Marlow super cushions

I make a range of cushions in addition to the larger furniture pieces. Not only do they enable my clients to have a small taste of my designs they also enable me to use left over fabrics from the larger pieces. Therefore making a move towards zero waste manufacture.

“I really feel that these are a touch of “home” in a very round about way. I’m so happy to have your aesthetic in my home. These cushions make me happy”.